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Unique Tooling was created by Tom England in May 2007. Here at Unique Tooling, we specialize in plastic, metal, and wood-cutting devices making our own custom tools for our customers. We also focus on the sharpening of these tools and bits. If you have shopped with us before or have any orders or quotes for products. Leave them in the form above! you can also check us out on Facebook, Instagram, and Google Maps.



  • Great Router Table Upgrade

    "I love the new 3 1/4 HP router. I bought it because it was advertised to fit the Mast-R-Lift. It does, but took a bit of a work-around. The button for the shaft lock is about 1/8" proud and didn't slide through the opening when I was mounting the motor to the lift. I ended up pushing it in to allow the motor to drop in. I shimmed 1/16" to lock it down, then figured out I could use a little hook tool to allow it to clear when I raised the router in the table to change bits. The unanticipated benefit is that when I do that, the opening in the lift holds the button down so the shaft is locked and I don't have to hold it with my finger. In the end, it turned out to be a better outcome than it would have been if it had been a perfect fit. Very quiet and powerful router!"